Industrial Mobile Application Testing


Mobile applications still have a largely horizontal character, but new developments and capabilities are beginning to show how certain vertical markets can gain unique business benefits from mobility. The growth of mobility-enabled applications is driven essentially by the same factors that are driving IT and business process change, namely the need to be more responsive, optimize the efficiency of staff resources, and shorten the cycle time of key processes throughout their value chain.

Another driver of industry-specific mobile application adoption is the evolution of the technology, including the development of platforms such as the Research in Motion, Android, Windows Mobile and iOS, whose feature enables the extension of enterprise applications to mobile employees as well as improvements in security and the availability of applications from major ISVs.

Defining Industry Oriented Mobile Applications

The key distinction of Industry Mobile Applications is that they facilitate one or two major processes of industry instead of whole application. So set of similar stakeholders are given a similar applications. Some are transactional and order-entry component, while other might contain only the results and graphs, some required advanced content validation and verification others help in remote data manipulation.

All this is because industry is taking a turn where need for

  • More responsiveness to their customers
  • More facilitation of collaboration, operations and management environment
  • Optimization of efficiency
  • Shorten the cycle of key processes
  • Availability of information on the go
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